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287 S Fourth Street
Memphis, TN 38126

(901) 590-2127



Bikeshare Memphis


EBS is a non-profit organization offering a bike share program with all e-bikes (electric, pedal assist) in Memphis with 300 bikes to rent at 30 stations. Download the BCycle App to quickly purchase a pass. Riders can choose single use-Explore pass, Three Day pass or annual membership plan. Prices start from $5 for the first 20 minutes plus 20 cents per minute afterwards and include unlimited 60 minute trips on the Three Day and Annual passes. Be sure to turn on the optional POWER button for an extra boost on hills and longer rides. Check the App for the closest bike station, pull with both hands when checking out and choose the station of your choice when finished.


Customer Service Hours: Daily 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Intake Process:

Download the BCycle App and purchase a pass from your phone or on the website. Debit and credit cards are accepted. You can also purchase a membership card to check out e-bikes from any of the 30 stations. Users can download the BCycle app available on iOS and Android phones to unlock bikes, log into their account, and see all available stations. The App also shows how many bikes are available at any time at each station. After the ride, return the bike to any bike share station with an open dock (app will show you which kiosks have openings available); dock and lock your bike and check the screen to make sure your ride has been recorded as ended.

Program Fees:

Explore: $5.00 for a 20 minute ride + 20 cents for additional time
Three Day: $35.00 for three consecutive days of unlimited 60 minute rides
Annual: $120.00 for one full year of unlimited 60 minute rides
All rentals are subject to a 1.00 unlock fee.
Email or call for details on group membership rates. Remember to check the e-bike into a dock every 60 minutes with the Three Day and Annual passes to avoid any additional charges.


You must be at least 16 years old to use the bikes. Helmet use is encouraged but not required for all riders.

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Date of Official Change:

July 26, 2023

Address Listings

Physical (Primary)

287 S Fourth Street
Memphis, TN 38126


Anton Mack

Primary Contact

Executive Director


Yolanda Kemp

Director of Finance


Phone Numbers

Main Customer Service

(901) 590-2127


(901) 295-0707

Geography Served

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  • Tennessee
    • Shelby County
      • Memphis
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