Service Tree

The Service Tree lists all services in "branched" groups, starting with the very general and moving to the very specific. Click on the name of any group name to see the sub-groups available within it. Click on a service code to see its details and the providers who offer that service.

Arts/Humanities Councils

Organizations that foster, nurture and sustain artistic excellence or support research, education and public programs in the humanities and create a climate in which the arts and humanities may flourish and be experienced and enjoyed by the public. Included are groups that support design arts, dance, expansion arts, folk arts, media arts (film, radio and television), museums, music, opera/musical theater, theater and the visual arts as well as the humanities including literature, history, philosophy, theology, modern and classical languages, archaeology, linguistics, jurisprudence and the social sciences.


Organizations or groups that provide assistance, usually in the form of donations or volunteer services, to aid the work of a school, church, hospital, charitable institution or public or private agency that provides human services for the community.

Corporate Volunteer Councils

Local coalitions of businesses with active or prospective employee and/or retiree volunteer involvement programs that have joined together to share effective practices and address community needs through workplace volunteering. Corporate volunteer councils are usually affiliated with local community-based agencies such as volunteer centers or United Way agencies, but some have incorporated as independent nonprofits. CVCs are also known as business volunteer councils, corporate community relations councils, workplace volunteer councils and by a variety of other names; but while their names and structures may vary, their mission remains the same: to serve businesses, employees and the community in the cause of workplace volunteering.

Patriotic Societies

Organizations that promote pride in country, loyalty to its institutions, respect for the flag and the Constitution, appreciation of our freedoms, commitment to law and order, and the willingness to defend these principles. These programs may distribute small American flags to youngsters at parades, fairs, picnics, school events or other community happenings that generate large crowds; provide information about the history and meaning of the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance; distribute copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other important historical documents; provide educational programs that address the importance of exercising the right to vote; and engage in other activities that stimulate an interest in America's history and traditions, institutions of civic responsibility, and patriotism.

Service Clubs

Organizations whose members are business and professional men and/or women, housewives, students, military dependents or other individuals who have a common interest in improving the life of the community, which raise funds through events such as barbecues, theater parties, art shows or telethons to finance any of a wide variety of community service projects that have been selected by the membership. Most service clubs are chapters of national or international organizations.

Veteran Membership Organizations

Programs whose members are veterans who have joined together on a voluntary basis to promote mutual interests. Activities may include advocacy for the preservation and expansion of earned privileges and benefits, testimony before Congress on issues affecting veterans, awards and other measures for promoting appreciation of and recognition for veterans and their accomplishments, community service programs, and social activities for members. Some organizations may provide active support for the democratic principles of religious and political freedom; offer benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, credit cards and financial planning services for members; or maintain special burial funds to help indigent veterans and their families.