Service Tree

The Service Tree lists all services in "branched" groups, starting with the very general and moving to the very specific. Click on the name of any group name to see the sub-groups available within it. Click on a service code to see its details and the providers who offer that service.

Social Networking Web Services

Websites or services that provide a virtual community for people who are interested in a particular subject or just want to "hang out" together. Members create their own online "profile" with biographical data, pictures, likes, dislikes and other information they choose to post. They communicate with one another by voice, chat, instant message, videoconference and blogs. Users can often be "friends" with other users (though both must confirm that they are friends before they are linked), and the service typically provides a way for members to contact friends of other members. Some social networks have additional features such as the ability to create groups that share common interests or affiliations, upload or stream live videos, and hold discussions in forums. Included are specialized communities that are linked by a single common interest, e.g., TheSocialGolfer, Great Cooks Community, and generic social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.